black mold dangers

Dangers of Shower Mold. Black mold can instantly be recognized by its distinctively unpleasant and musty smell and slimy, green, gray, or black appearance. There are numerous other classes of mold that can grow in your home as well. While their toxic levels vary, almost all of them put your health at risk and should be removed as soon as possible. Mold can affect breathing, irritate mucous membranes,

Medical New Today says black mold is a fungus that is very dark green or. medical news today says the mold itself is not dangerous, but its spores can release toxins which may cause symptoms such.

 · Stay safe around black mold. Mold spores can be dangerous if inhaled or ingested, but this varies person to person. Allergies are typically responsible for a person’s reaction to mold. To be on the safe side, wear a mask and gloves. Be sure that you clean the entire area to get rid of any microscopic spores that could start a new colony of mold.

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Some people are sensitive to molds. Symptoms of black mold exposure: Chronic coughing and sneezing Irritation to the eyes, mucus membranes of the nose and throat rashes Chronic fatigue Persistent headaches In particularly severe cases of prolonged exposure, black mold health effects can be more dangerous.

Black mold is the most commonly known name of toxic mold among the public. Black mold is named simply because of its color and.

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The effects of long-term exposure to black mold have been described below. The most common effect of black mold in children and adults, is an allergic reaction that comprises hives, skin rashes, constant sneezing, watery eyes, itching, burning eyes, etc.

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Sniff for a musty odor and search for black and white spots around your house. This will help protect you from mold’s dangerous effects. If you have asthma or a compromised immune system, it is.

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