Cretaceous owing: sequencing laissez

Sequence stratigraphy is one of the primary tools for the evaluation of sea-level change throughout Earth history and provides a powerful framework for re- gional and global correlation on multiple time scales (Haq et al. 1987, Hardenbol et al. 1998, Simmons et al. 2007).

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Antarctica has been located over southern polar latitudes since the Early Cretaceous 6, yet is thought to have remained mostly ice-free, vegetated, and with mean annual temperatures well above.

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Fieldwork in the Early Cretaceous Jehol Group, northeastern China has revealed a plethora of extraordinarily well-preserved fossils that are shaping some of the most contentious debates in.

Thus, the variation in size and number of ridges seen in grains of Ephedrispermum lusitanicum is probably an artefact owing to one partly covered and one foreign grain. The exine of extant Ephedra pollen grains splits up during germination and is shed, leaving the male gametophyte naked in a characteristic way ( El-Ghazaly et al ., 1998 ).

siliciclastics and prevalent oxygen minimum owing to the sea-level highstand, the other two positive excursions resulted from sea-level lowstand and concomitant redistribution of intraformational sediments. The negative excursion across the Cretaceous-Tertiary was due to higher faunal turnover.

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DNA-sequence information can, in principle. work with because human DNA is almost ubiquitously present on old specimens and laboratory equipment. Owing to the technical difficulties, not all.

4). stratigraphic traps occur where Early Cretaceous and Late jurassic sandstones subcrop beneath the Base Tertiary unconformity like in the Trave E-87 well. The Central ridge has a high hydrocarbon.