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"Fresh produce may also become contaminated during preparation or storage. Eating contaminated produce or fruit and vegetable juices made from contaminated produce can lead to foodborne illness, often called food poisoning," said Angela Treadaway, a regional food safety agent with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

Blog. Blog. blog; resources; blog. potatoes are for Lovers – Display the love and win!. The produce department is the last stop on most holiday plans. Customers will be pouring into the store with days and mere hours left to spare.. Welcome to the Family, CIBUS Fresh! Indy Fruit is proud.

Many shoppers may altogether avoid the produce section of the grocery store because they think fresh fruits and vegetables are out of their price range. This guide breaks down the average price of many available produce items and where they can be purchased, year-round.

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Asparagus, sweet corn and avocados were the cleanest pieces of produce on the list. There were no detectable pesticides on 90 percent of their samples. The group recommends spending extra on organic produce if you want to reduce the chance of ingesting any sort of residue. WTOP’s Amy Held contributed to this report.