Property tax problems for customers of bankrupt lender

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Delinquent property taxes after chapter 7 bankruptcy I filed for chapter 7 bankrupty and was discharged in may 2009. One of my properties included in the bankruptcy is taking forever to foreclose, and i have received a bill in the mail for school taxes that are now past due.

Consequently, personal property taxes are generally unsecured in bankruptcy. However, certain personal property taxes qualify for status as a "priority" unsecured claim, which means that such priority tax claims must be paid ahead of lower priority and general unsecured claims. Personal property tax claims may qualify for the eighth priority.

Property Tax Lawsuit- Remove Your Deed From the County Record Office And Pay No More Taxes! 2019 Tax liens, on the other hand, can never be discharged through bankruptcy. So if your unpaid property taxes have been converted into a tax lien that will stay in place no matter what, until you sell your house and use the proceeds to pay the liens. Your best bet when it comes to bankruptcy is always to speak with a qualified attorney.

The tax debt must be related to a tax return that was due at least three years before the taxpayer files for bankruptcy. The due date includes any extensions , so if you request and receive an extension for your 2017 return, making it due in October 2018, you would not be able to include it in bankruptcy until at least October of 2021.

We will pay your property taxes now, you can pay us back over time. We help Texans pay their residential and commercial property taxes. A Hunter-Kelsey property tax loan helps you quickly pay your taxes so you’ll no longer incur the large penalties, interest, and attorney collection fees charged by your county.

Property tax liens and bankruptcy. It’s important to note that, if the IRS recorded a tax lien on your property before the bankruptcy, the lien will remain. You won’t be personally liable to pay the lien, but you’ll need to settle it before you can sell the property. If this occurs, there are steps you can take.

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If you need to stop a Property Tax foreclosure Bankruptcy may be your best option. When you don’t pay property taxes, investors purchase the property taxes and then foreclose. Often debt collection attorneys will purchase tax liens by setting up a company that purchases the property tax lien.