Pushing Rope: Florida Hometown Democracy News

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In this guest post by my great friend, Jeff West, he shares the wisdom of Granny West and some very powerful influence and leadership wisdom of his own.

Florida Hometown Democracy, a citizens’ group that’s pushing the amendment, argues that many local governments routinely have allowed developers to do what they pleased, irrespective of the effects.

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Pushing rope uphill. – the meaning and origin of this phrase.

Legislators weren’t supposed to push growth mismanagement in 2010, but they just can’t help themselves. Early on, the plan was to lay low and not give voters another reason to approve Florida.

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Supporters of Amendment 4, dubbed Hometown Democracy, are spearheading the effort to strike down a wide-ranging elections bill (HB 131) approved overwhelmingly by lawmakers last month. The legislation.

Florida Hometown Democracy failed last week to make the cut for the November ballot. The proposed constitutional amendment, which would have compelled local governments to put future comprehensive.

Good news re signature petitions, Florida Hometown Democracy Just received some good news this morning from the Central Florida Political Pulse blog of the Orlando Sentinel about a subject I wrote about a while back: petition gathering and the effort by some in Tallahassee to make that even harder .

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According to data compiled by Bob Hall, executive director of Democracy North Carolina. The party controls the process in twenty states, including key swing states like Florida, Ohio, Michigan,

generally, The News Service of Florida, There’s now a push to repeal the Florida Constitution Revision Commission, REVISED:. Florida Hometown Democracy, Inc., PAC, 29 So. 3d 1053, 1064 (Fla. 2010) (internal citations and quotations

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