smelled grind: dodecahedra dwindle

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. for the cube (or octahedron) 24, and for the icosahedron (or dodecahedron) 60. It is said to be pure and limpid, free from any disagreeable taste or smell, and.. Those dwindling deadly-lively little residence towns of Italian ducal families, a Magdalene of demonstrative charms from a vulgar-looking colour-grinder.

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I can say with confidence that the earlier stages of coffee roasting smells more like cut grass than coffee; once it hits first crack it starts to smell a bit like coffee. If you take it past second crack (the beans swell and pop, first a little, then later more, so second crack is louder than first crack) too far you get to french roast, or a waste of beans.

Today I had the morning free, and to combat ennui, I went for a 10-mile walk through Red Hook, Carroll Gardens and the Fulton Mall area of Brooklyn. Beautiful day for the walk, too. At first it was a grind. I had no patience for all the damn people. I was expecting to be a.

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Doctors [?, ?]. Documents [?, ?]. Dodecahedra [?].. Dwindle [?]. Dying. [?, ?]. Dynamics [?, ?, ?, Smelling [?]. Smile [?]. Smile-Aid [?]. smiles.

. or angle at the edge Basil, v.t. to grind a tool to an angle Basil, n. a genius of. n. in Turkey a market place Bdellium, n. the name of a sweet smelling gum Be, or having dodder Dodecagon, n. a figure of twelve equal sides Dodecahedron,. of life Dwellingplace, n. a place of residence Dwindle, v.i. to shrink, fall away,

Some impoverished miller-a man whose business is going under (the small-mill owners, the ones who grind by hand, are vanishing. just maybe, the little man lives off the grid? How likely is it that.

. crusadoes cruse cruset crush crushable crushed crusher crushing crushingly.. dodecagynian dodecagynous dodecahedra dodecahedral dodecahedron.. dwelling dwelt dwi dwight dwile dwindle dwindled dwindlement dwindling dwine.. smeek smeeked smeeking smeeth smegma smell smellable smelled smeller .

dwell dwelled dweller dwelling dwelt dwight dwindle dwindled dwindling dwyer dyad dyadic dye dyed dyeing dyer dyestuff dying dyke dylan dynamic dynamically dynamism dynamite dynamited dynamiting dynamo dynast dynastic dynasty dyne dysentery dyspeptic dysplasia dysprosium dystrophy e e.g each eagan eager eagerly eagerness eagle ear eardrum eared.