The Great Chain of Being

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For centuries, from Aristotle until about the 19th century, philosophers and religious leaders believed in "The Great Chain of Being." This worldview placed all living things in a chain, from the most.

The Great Chain of Being. The Great Chain of Being includes everything from God and the angels at the top, to humans, to animals, to plants, to rocks and minerals at the bottom. It moves from beings of pure spirit at the top of the Chain to things made entirely of matter at the bottom. Humans are pretty much in the middle, being mostly mortal,

The concept of the "Great Chain of Being" begins with a marriage of Plato’s Idea of the Good who is bound by its own principle of plenitude to generate every possible Idea and temporal being, and Aristotle’s Scala Naturae (Ladder of Nature). Later, Plotinus, one of the greatest systematisers and mystics of late Antiquity, integrated Platonic.

The great chain of being was a philosophical concept that was widely popular throughout the Middle Ages, though tis origins were much earlier. It proposed that all things in existence, from living.

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Note: Special thanks to Dr. Elizabeth M. Willingham for pointing out my earlier misattribution concerning the Summa Theologica and in providing additional references concerning medieval angelology. For more information, students should consult E. M. W. Tillyard’s The Elizabethan World Picture and A. O. Lovejoy’s The Great Chain of Being.

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